Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Blogger won't tell you

The Real Blogger Status

    I keep running across this dude's articles/blogs/posts all over the place concerning blogging and networking in general. He has two profiles ( profile-one AND profile-two ) on blogger.com. For one thing I have no idea how he did that unless he used different gmail accounts and then set the profiles viewable information as he wished. Actually I do know how he did that, I just told you. =) It's two different blogger accounts and appears to be the same account from what he has allowed the public to view on his profile page(s). The only difference in the two profiles is the bullet list under his name ( a/s/l type stuff ) and the blogs listed on each profile. You can have two different blogger accounts and set the publics view to whatever you want, to a point. SO there!

    This post is to lead you to his blogs which are loaded with great and informative information about blogging. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced-geek you will find helpful tips and answers or just plain good ol geek articles.

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