Thursday, March 22, 2007

Digital Blasphemy - Wonderful art

Great site to grab some backgrounds. You can join ( it cost to join ) or you can just grab the free ones that change up from time to time. The free ones are good enough reason to go to the site IF you like nice backgrounds or digital art in general.

Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper

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Vent your frustrations as a consumer. Below I have posted a link to the search results on eBay at that My3cents. Thousands and thousands of hits. Anything and everything you will not be told by ebay are on this site.

On this site you will find consumers reporting businesses and individuals that have ripped them off, bad customer service, etc etc. It is like a forum to search or post your own topics or comments ( much like a blog ) but this site is not just a blog. It is for the consumer. I reported eBay for the public to see as well as 1000's of others raggin on eBay's policies ( mainly eBay failing to comply with their own policies! ), false advertisement for protection, rip offs and buyers and sellers that are doing bad business. You can vent your frustrations here also. It is NOT an agency that helps you in any way in and of itself. However, the site will lead you to many people who have more than likely had a similar experience. eBay is all over the site. Man you would not believe what you find out about eBay on this site. - EBay complaints and reviews - Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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Nice Read for Newbies and Advanced Bloggers

Web presence improvement tips and HOWTOs. Here you will find great tips on promoting your website. There is a lot of info concerning blogging. Don't let this fool you though. This site ( link below ) has some great input on how to get more hits,  search engine saturation, and web presence in general. You do NOT have to have a blog to make use of this information. The same information applies to your web site as well. Great place to find everything you need to know to increase traffic and improve your site.

Raj Dash's blog |

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Very Cool - Howto Make a Sideways room

What Blogger won't tell you

The Real Blogger Status

    I keep running across this dude's articles/blogs/posts all over the place concerning blogging and networking in general. He has two profiles ( profile-one AND profile-two ) on For one thing I have no idea how he did that unless he used different gmail accounts and then set the profiles viewable information as he wished. Actually I do know how he did that, I just told you. =) It's two different blogger accounts and appears to be the same account from what he has allowed the public to view on his profile page(s). The only difference in the two profiles is the bullet list under his name ( a/s/l type stuff ) and the blogs listed on each profile. You can have two different blogger accounts and set the publics view to whatever you want, to a point. SO there!

    This post is to lead you to his blogs which are loaded with great and informative information about blogging. Whether you are a newbie or an advanced-geek you will find helpful tips and answers or just plain good ol geek articles.

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On The Road with Audioblogger

Blogging from your phone? Cool idea but it looks like it has been disabled?

Well, it has links and such to more information concerning the ability to blog with audio.

Later people

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Scribefire Name change semi-official article

Nice Read for Newbies and Advanced Bloggers

Blogging, web presence and content in general.

Raj Dash's blog |

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Linking to Word of the Day

All it takes is one line of code!

Code for linking to

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Word of the Day - Malapropism of the Day Archive/malapropism malapropism \mal-uh-PROP-iz-uhm\, noun: The usually unintentionally humorous misuse of a word, especially by confusion with one of similar sound; also, an example of such misuse. Geeks tend to like to be enlightened and learn and use their head. Some people may think of it as boring, mundane or dull. I like learning new words myself so I will post it. I may even embed the code to have it link to the word of the day on the main page of this Blog daily that auto-updates with no need of posting it. Trying to decide whether or not to have it open in a new window or same window... hmmm. I will have it open in new window for now. Coming soon?... "Word of the Day" on main page here. Technorati Tags: , , , , ,

Terrorism News

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Virtual Hybrid Synthesizer

Angular Momentum Software has a load of goodies if you are into electronic music and/or use your PC for audio enhancement of studio work of any kind. You may want to take a look at this site. Please give some feedback if you try it out! Personally, I do not use PC based audio mixing applications at this time. This was highly rated and "Editor's Pick" so I thought I would post it.


Havin' IE problems?

If you're havin' IE problems, I feel bad for you, son - I got 99 problems but a browser ain't one. - DJ Danger Mime


Scribefire is the new name for PFF, Performancing for Firefox

Yo Geeks,

Another Early AM Post and late night for me working on other things besides blogging! I wanted to let you all know ( in case you didn't already ) about the name change concerning Performancing for Firefox. The title says it all.

If you have PFF add-on already and the version you have is 1.3.5 then you are up to date as of the date/time of this post.

This is just to alert and have available this information. They are still in progress as far as making the change complete. Here is the link to the up and coming new site which gives you updates on progress and of course a link to the download area for the current version:

ScribeFire New Site

For now you can download the latest PFF/Scribefire here.

Later peeps,


Picasa for Linux

Hello Geeks!

Picasa for Linux is available for download here.

Requirements: A working X display

This is a binary file but so what. At least they are porting it to Linux. Not that this is the greatest application/service of the year, however, it is another example of software developers understanding that Linux is here to stay and the user base is growing everyday.

I wrote a long letter complaining to the google team concerning this exact subject: "Why are most of Google Aps NOT available for Linux?". Linux users are a huge part of the reason that Google is Google. Period. (NOTE TO SELF: Google Linux/OpenSource needs to be a seperate article ) I am not sure my complaint is why more and more google aps are available for Linux now or not. That would be kinda smug of me to think so, but If you read the letter, I will try and find it, you might just toy with the idea that it may have been the "Icing on the cake" that encouraged them to take action.

In general, services Google offers either do not require *extra* software installed ( other than a up to date browser for web based aps ) to actually use or they are suppling more and more Linux versions of the software than needs to be executed locally.

Download and enjoy Picasa for Linux or Windows and have a great day!

* I posted an article/blog just the other day concerning how you DO NOT NEED to INSTALL Picasa to take advantage and use and manage your photo(s) album(s) using the Google+Picasa service. I will put the link to that article in this post or as a comment later on.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

seVengeeks [ seVen Geeks ] The Ultimate Geek Blog

Welcome to seVengeeks Blog

Drop in any time and share geeky news, topics, content, programs and geek talk in general...

I think you get the big picture. I started this blog for topics such

as... [ technical / software / hardware / computers / Linux / Slackware / Operating Systems / geek talk ] and anything else that may fit into the content subject matter. The main reason this blog exists is because I have been posting "geek-talk" oriented content to a couple of my other blogs and the geeky content, I and many others enjoy talking about such things, did not belong on those blogs. I wanted a place for any and all technical information ( geek talk - tech talk ) to have it's own home and you have found the Ultimate Geek Blog.

This is the first post to the blog and we expect this to become a very busy place as time goes on.

Drop in and start Posting Geek buzz at! =)



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