Monday, April 30, 2007

Added "Quotes of The Day" Section

Added "Quotes of The Day" Section for the heck of it.

Just glance to the right. =)

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Printing In Linux

NOTE TO MODERATORS We should think about organizing all printing posts, including this post into one "Post and all other printing posts are posted as comments or have a howto "Section" on the blog and merge any and all previous posts that concern printing. Using comments under one post is one solution. I am just trying to move towards organizing the blog a little better. This is my Google Notebook "Linux Printing" for public viewing. Linux Printing - Shared Public Google Notebook

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ESP Print Pro - Linux Printing - News

ESP Print Pro

Attention All Customers

ESP Print Pro will no longer be sold starting May 1st, 2007. Commercial support for ESP Print Pro will cease on January 1st, 2008. The CUPS Companion CD is the recommended replacement for ESP Print Pro. See the Transition Guide for more information.

ESP Print Pro - Easy Software Products

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FoxyTunes installed!

Welcome to FoxyTunes
FoxyTunes installed! This page will only be displayed once Connecting Web and Music * » See what's playing in your player * » Control your player from within the browser * » Find lyrics, covers, videos, bios and more with a click To get started - play some music in your player, click on the main FoxyTunes icon FoxyTunes main menu icon and choose your media player.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

YES ! Slackware 11.0 + CUPS + hplip + HP Deskjet D1420 = Successful Printing on Linux

All I can say for now is HELL YEAH ! I can print ! I bought a cheap printer 25-30 bucks at wal-mart ( my second - I took back a paperweight Lexmark ) and just finished setting it up. I will post all the details in this same post at a later date. For now I have to run. Details coming soon ...

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome Jeepster ! Good to have you aboard man.

Hello all, A warm Welcome to one of my bestest friends! Jeepster is a new author & moderator for sevengeeks blog that you will see posting ( I hope ) soon. He is, well, a Geek. =) He is also one of the most knowledgeable persons I know as far as computers , networking, etc. You name it, he either knows it or he can find out. He is my mentor as far as bash scripting and many other geeky stuff goes. I learned a lot from hanging around this fellow. Let's give him a warm welcome. He will bring with him much knowledge and experience and will be my "partner in crime" as far as taking care of this blog. Soon enough we will get more and more visitors and more content. Good to see ya ol mate! =) Take a seat and get comfortable

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Linux Printing CUPS replacing ESP Print Pro

ESP Print Pro - Easy Software Products

ESP Print Pro will no longer be sold starting May 1st, 2007. Commercial support for ESP Print Pro will cease on January 1st, 2008. The CUPS Companion CD is the recommended replacement for ESP Print Pro. See the Transition Guide for more information.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DVD On Linux - DVD Software Players and Burning Utilities

Section & Topic: All things DVD on Linux

Please post any and all content concerning DVD & Linux in this section.

Ok let's get started.

As we all know, DVD+Any-OS can be troublesome at some stage in your endeavours depending on what you are trying to accomplish. We can gather some links and post our own tips & hints in this section for everyones convenience. I am going to put a link here that is probably the best Article for a "Starting Point" into the world of getting the most out of your DVD and related tasks on the Linux OS.

I found the article at ...

I am also going to publicly Share my GoogleNotebook: DVD and Linux on this topic.

So the floor is open. Comments are very much welcomed and appreciated.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

audio_burn and libaudioburn for Linux

Homepage of Neill Miller and "audio_burn"
From the homepage of audio_burn and libaudioburn. These tools are provided under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) and are written and maintained by Neill Miller. Latest release as of this post is audio_burn-0.0.9 and can be downloaded here audio_burn-0.0.9.tar.gz (04-09-2004). What are people saying about audio_burn? "This program was the only one I've been able to use successfully to burn my mp3 -> cdda. Works great, simple, console-based. Neat." --MSilveira on audio_burn is a command-line audio cd burning application written in C. It uses libaudioburn (also written in C) for all of the real work - which in turn uses several other Free Software packages and utilities such as: oggdec, mpg321, sox, normalize, and cdrecord. ------- I found a nice helpful hint for cdrecord on the audio_burn page worth a look if you have a 2.6.x kernel and do not use scsi emulation. Check it out ... The --atapi option is new with audio_burn 0.0.9. If specified, it causes audio_burn to use the ATA Packet Interface (ATAPI) support in cdrecord. This is mostly useful in the 2.6.x kernels, where it's often faster and more stable to use this mode. This is similar to running cdrecord with the dev=ATAPI:X,Y,Z option. The --atapi-dev=/dev/X option is new with audio_burn 0.0.9. If specified, it causes audio_burn to use the ATA Packet Interface (ATAPI) support in cdrecord, but specifying a direct path to the device. This is similar to running cdrecord with the dev=/dev/X option. Some machines reportedly support this better than the --atapi option above, and some machines don't support it at all. YMMV. NOTE: This option CANNOT be used at the same time as the --atapi option above. Later seven
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Sunday, April 22, 2007

KeePass 2.02 Alpha released KeePass is a free password manager KeePass 2.02 Alpha released

Summary: KeePass 2.02 Alpha released KeePass is a free password manager which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master password or a key file. So you only have to remember one single master password or select the key file to unlock the whole database. Databases are encrypted using a very secure encryption algorithm (AES/Rijndael).

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ScribeFire Basic Documentation Configuration

ScribeFire Documentation Proper Credits First: Submitted by misterx on Tue, 04/10/2007 - 21:24. Link to original document here.
------- Start Quote from Site -------
Download ScribeFire 1.4 | ScribeFire FireFox - Fire up your Blogging
I've written up basic configuration instructions. Submitted by misterx on Tue, 04/10/2007 - 21:24. Since there is a serious lack of documentation, I've written up basic configuration instructions for the following blog types: - Livejournal - Wordpress - Blogger/Blogspot - Windows Live Spaces - Myspace Instructions can be found here which is hosted in my Google Docs. If you find errors in the document, please send corrections to . If the instructions help you, please consider buying one of my photos at Thanks. :) ===========
------- End Quote from Site -------
My Notes & Comments

Good afternoon,

As a ScribeFire user myself I must admit I have never looked for any detailed documentation. The User Interface is pretty much self-explanatory. I have noticed many people requesting or looking for official documentation. This is about as close as you are going to find at this point in time. ( meaning the info above and link provided in this post )

That being said, If you just take a brief look around the program / add-on / plugin you will find it very very easy to setup and use without any documentation. If you still have questions a quick google will turn up an answer to your particular question. Instead of complaining about the lack of documentation how about helping with the documentation? I am sure if someone emailed the author he would be glad to give you any info he has and you may discover that he has a team of volunteers willing to help out on the documentation.

FYI: I use ( ) as you can see in the URL that lead you here.

Personally, I have found a *few* irritating bugs, but nothing that would cause me to stop using the program. The problem I have is that anytime I put in the text "->" or any ">" I get some strange code where the ">" should be. I have tried enclosing any >'s in quotes ">" and it does not help. SO the right arrow should be here in between the ()'s now ( > )

So do you see the garble above? Maybe not because I am typing in my native editor and not ScribeFire right now and up until this point. I will post this now which has been edited without using ScribeFire then I will edit the post using ScribeFire and put in more "greater than" signs and we will see what happens so I can show an example in this post of the problem I am having. I will be back and after the --'s below will be posted from ScribeFire. After the line below is using ScribeFire. This sentence and everything above in this POST was NOT ORIGINALLY edited with ScribeFire.

"Greater Than" sign next >

------- Edited this section using ScribeFire -------

Hello .. I am back and now editing this post in ScribeFire. Now I will post a few "greater than" signs right now > > > ( before this text in parentesis you should see three (3) greater than signs but I am almost positive that after I post this you will see some garbage where the "greater than" signs should be. Posting this edit using ScribeFire now to check it out.

------- End section edited with ScribeFire -------

Hello I am back again and as you can see .. not only the edited section "greater than" signs which were originally fine are now ALL showing the garbage instead of the "greater than" signs like here > > > > ( the reason the three before this text show up fine is because I am now editing the post again in the native editor. ) > > > Now all of the > signs in the entire post except for these in this section will show garbage because remember I re-published the post using ScribeFire and it turned ALL > signs into garble. Except the ones in this paragraph because I am now editing using the native blogspot editor. This is very annoying. There are a couple of other characters that show garbage whgen posted using ScribeFire , not only the > signs. I think -> show even more garble even. So this is something I will now Google on to see if I can find the answer to my problem because I would love to continue to use scribefire as it's design being readily available and tied into the browser and such is so handy. So I will not complain about documentation, I will find the answer/solution and post it back here and pass it along to the dude that is linked above since he has started a documentation project. He will then be able to add it to his ScribeFire documentation.

Later, seVen

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

pdf somethin - firefox plugin Seems to be a FF plugin that gives you several choices when you encounter a pdf file while browsing. Could save resources and time instead of letting FF auto download the file with a pdf reader. you can choose to download, save, open in browser, open with anything and see the size of the file before choosing which action to take.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

FoxyTunes Plugin for Firefox - Multimedia

FoxyTunes Plugin for Firefox for Media Manager and Player

Welcome to FoxyTunes

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Performancing Blogger Grand Central Site

This needs to be in the Links section on this page to the side.

Note To Self: Put this in the Links then DELETE this POST | Helping Bloggers Succeed

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gspace Firefox Add-on

Gspace :: Firefox Add-ons

This extension allows you to use your Gmail Space (2.8 GB and growing) for file storage. It acts as an online drive, so you can upload files from your hard drive and access them from every Internet capable system. The interface will make your..

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gaim News - Gaim Changes Name to Pidgin

Gaim officially announced a name change and new website because of AOL bitching about legal crap. Typical AOL Bullshit.

News - Pidgin

The article/announcement/News will be moved from the Gaim website Frontpage and end up in the Archives so here it is in full directly below.

-------Start Original Announcement-------

Important and Long Delayed News

Many years ago when this project was first started, it was

called "GTK+ AOL Instant Messenger." AOL naturally complained, and Mark

Spencer changed the name to "Gaim." AOL was appeased, and no one really

ever heard of it because there were very few users back then.


few years later AOL trademarked "AIM," and started referring to their

IM services using that name. They complained. The issue was brought up

on Slashdot, and the Gaim developers at the time got some legal

support. That legal support advised that the ongoing discussions with

AOL be kept confidential until fully settled, and so it remained. The

public thought the issue had gone away then. It sorta did, in that AOL

stopped responding to Gaim's legal support for a while.


legal support has changed several times, and each group of lawyers have

recommended silence & secrecy. Around the time of Gaim's first

2.0.0 beta, AOL came back into our lives in a very strong way, this

time threatening to sue Sean.

This represents a clear pattern.

AOL received more pushback than they expected, and would sort of let

things stand for a while. Then they would threaten a different Gaim

developer. Each time a new Gaim developer was threatened, we had to

look at new legal support, to prevent a conflict of interest.


process could not go on forever. As a result we ended up forming the

Instant Messaging Freedom Corporation, and making it legally

responsible for Gaim. We also had our new legal support work to create

a real settlement with AOL that would get this issue dismissed from our

lives forever.

Getting a settlement with AOL has taken FAR FAR

longer than we would have ever guessed. On legal advice, we have

refrained from any non-beta release during this process as a show of

good faith, and to keep AOL from giving up on it. Again, on legal

advice, we have also kept this information closely controlled.


long last, I am pleased to announce that we have a signed settlement

and can release our new version. There is one catch however: we have

had to change the project's name.

After a long, and

unfortunately secret debate (as we could not say why we were looking at

a name change, we ended up just doing this ourselves), we settled on

the name "Pidgin" for gaim itself, "libpurple" for libgaim (which, as

of 2.0.0 beta6, exists), and "Finch" for gaim-text. Yes, the spelling

of "Pidgin" is intentional, see


so much is changing between the name and the nature of the 2.0.0

release itself, we decided to go ahead with something we have talked

about doing for a while now. We have set up our own server, kindly

donated by DVLabs. As a result our new home will be and

We, at least for now, will still be using SF's mirroring system for

releases. However, the bug tracking will no longer be on SF, and we

will be migrating the mailing lists at some point soon. Also, we have

chosen to go with monotone for our revision control, rather than the SF

cvs or svn.

In the last week or so, an upgrade to SF's

infrastructure caused an old version of the gaim-cabal list to become

briefly public. It has always been our intention to end-of-life this

list and make its archives public once the settlement was signed.

Fortunately, the legal process has concluded, allowing us to make a

formal announcement now, instead of months from now.

I, and all

of pidgin's development team have deeply hated the need to keep some

portion of our work, decision making and discussion secret for a time.

I sincerely apologize that as a result of this need, you all have had

no chance to help us with it, and to provide feedback.

Now that the settlement is signed, we hope to have the final Pidgin 2.0.0 release late this week or early next.


are going to release it with a 2.0.0 version number, and an API

compatibility layer for plugin authors. The project has not changed;

this is our 2.0.0 release, not some new program that requires new

version numbering.

-------End Original Announcement-------