Wednesday, March 14, 2007

seVengeeks [ seVen Geeks ] The Ultimate Geek Blog

Welcome to seVengeeks Blog

Drop in any time and share geeky news, topics, content, programs and geek talk in general...

I think you get the big picture. I started this blog for topics such

as... [ technical / software / hardware / computers / Linux / Slackware / Operating Systems / geek talk ] and anything else that may fit into the content subject matter. The main reason this blog exists is because I have been posting "geek-talk" oriented content to a couple of my other blogs and the geeky content, I and many others enjoy talking about such things, did not belong on those blogs. I wanted a place for any and all technical information ( geek talk - tech talk ) to have it's own home and you have found the Ultimate Geek Blog.

This is the first post to the blog and we expect this to become a very busy place as time goes on.

Drop in and start Posting Geek buzz at! =)



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