Thursday, March 22, 2007 The Consumer Revolution Main site

Vent your frustrations as a consumer. Below I have posted a link to the search results on eBay at that My3cents. Thousands and thousands of hits. Anything and everything you will not be told by ebay are on this site.

On this site you will find consumers reporting businesses and individuals that have ripped them off, bad customer service, etc etc. It is like a forum to search or post your own topics or comments ( much like a blog ) but this site is not just a blog. It is for the consumer. I reported eBay for the public to see as well as 1000's of others raggin on eBay's policies ( mainly eBay failing to comply with their own policies! ), false advertisement for protection, rip offs and buyers and sellers that are doing bad business. You can vent your frustrations here also. It is NOT an agency that helps you in any way in and of itself. However, the site will lead you to many people who have more than likely had a similar experience. eBay is all over the site. Man you would not believe what you find out about eBay on this site. - EBay complaints and reviews - Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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