Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scribefire is the new name for PFF, Performancing for Firefox

Yo Geeks,

Another Early AM Post and late night for me working on other things besides blogging! I wanted to let you all know ( in case you didn't already ) about the name change concerning Performancing for Firefox. The title says it all.

If you have PFF add-on already and the version you have is 1.3.5 then you are up to date as of the date/time of this post.

This is just to alert and have available this information. They are still in progress as far as making the change complete. Here is the link to the up and coming new site which gives you updates on progress and of course a link to the download area for the current version:

ScribeFire New Site

For now you can download the latest PFF/Scribefire here.

Later peeps,


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