Thursday, March 15, 2007

Picasa for Linux

Hello Geeks!

Picasa for Linux is available for download here.

Requirements: A working X display

This is a binary file but so what. At least they are porting it to Linux. Not that this is the greatest application/service of the year, however, it is another example of software developers understanding that Linux is here to stay and the user base is growing everyday.

I wrote a long letter complaining to the google team concerning this exact subject: "Why are most of Google Aps NOT available for Linux?". Linux users are a huge part of the reason that Google is Google. Period. (NOTE TO SELF: Google Linux/OpenSource needs to be a seperate article ) I am not sure my complaint is why more and more google aps are available for Linux now or not. That would be kinda smug of me to think so, but If you read the letter, I will try and find it, you might just toy with the idea that it may have been the "Icing on the cake" that encouraged them to take action.

In general, services Google offers either do not require *extra* software installed ( other than a up to date browser for web based aps ) to actually use or they are suppling more and more Linux versions of the software than needs to be executed locally.

Download and enjoy Picasa for Linux or Windows and have a great day!

* I posted an article/blog just the other day concerning how you DO NOT NEED to INSTALL Picasa to take advantage and use and manage your photo(s) album(s) using the Google+Picasa service. I will put the link to that article in this post or as a comment later on.

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