Thursday, June 14, 2007

More regulation for them.

Let me state upfront I have no beef at all with the residents of the U.S.A. What I do take issue up over is people who should know better offering the U.S.A. as te world when it clearly is not.

Mr Bill Stearns is an erstwhile guy who on the face of it seems to have the users security at heart. He often produces papers on that very subject but then he goes and spoils his work with comments about U.S.A. based national security.

I strongly believe the buck stops at the doors on the ISP'S. They can create a walled garden and force anyone with applications that do damage to others into it. Once there they can be offered on-line tools to aid in the cleanup of the users system. Once and only once, the users system is shown to be clean will they be let out and back into the big bad Internet. A pool could be created via all the worlds ISP's and one single huge walled garden created from those funds. If an ISP will not join this walled garden then perhaps we should be looking to not carry their data at all. Tough, perhaps but tough is where we need to go. Self regulation. Not U.S.A. regulation that affects no one but the U.S.A.

If the above is seen as unworkable then it shows a total lack of willingness and foresight on behalf of all the worlds ISP's.

Why do these people always think in terms of the U.S.A? It is NOT the world on its own. What affects the U.S.A. also can, and usually does, affect other countries but people like him in the field he works in constantly harp on about U.S.A. and its national security.

Why do they do that? They do it simply to gain traction to the points they make. By dropping in casual remarks about how the U.S.A. will suffer at the hands of nefarious people almost guarantees their remarks will be noticed.

As a none U.S.A, person i can assure you that the U.S.A. is not the end all and be all of security and as people harp on and on about U.S.A. this and U.S.A. that all they are doing is making the rest of the world hate the U.S.A. a little bit more with each such comment.

Sure, botnets suck big style. As does SPAM. But wait! Most of the SPAM in the Internet world comes out of....The U.S.A. Yes, that is right.

So while people go on and on and try to score points by mentioning National Security and the U.S.A. in the same sentence they  immediately alienate the rest of the world.

We, that is all none U.S.A. peoples of the world know they are an insular race but this sort of thing simply shows a lack of awareness and will quite simply alienate everyone else around the world.

Well done Sir. You have achieved your aims.