Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome Jeepster ! Good to have you aboard man.

Hello all, A warm Welcome to one of my bestest friends! Jeepster is a new author & moderator for sevengeeks blog that you will see posting ( I hope ) soon. He is, well, a Geek. =) He is also one of the most knowledgeable persons I know as far as computers , networking, etc. You name it, he either knows it or he can find out. He is my mentor as far as bash scripting and many other geeky stuff goes. I learned a lot from hanging around this fellow. Let's give him a warm welcome. He will bring with him much knowledge and experience and will be my "partner in crime" as far as taking care of this blog. Soon enough we will get more and more visitors and more content. Good to see ya ol mate! =) Take a seat and get comfortable

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Jeepster said...

Thank you for the warm welcome.

I feel that the accolades given are a tad excessive but are nice nonetheless :-)

I will not being making lots of blog posts but will be posting. What I will be posting about is open to debate at this time but it will hopefully fit in with everything else. However, I sincerely hope that I can fullfil the accolades given to me.

Once again. Thank you for the warm welcome :-)

seVen said...

Your very welcome Jeepster,

And yes, all the accolades are true! You are just humble as am I. You deserve all the above mentioned. I only speak the truth. You have a lot of knowledge and have been with Linux (SLS I believe ? ) before it was Slackware even. So taking that into account and your expertise with hardware, you deserved every word. Thanks for posting. Maybe this will give you something to look forward to.
Oh yeah, Can you help me think of an idea to organize the blog better ( see post below from a few days ago "NOTE TO MODERATORS" in post text. I think maybe having "Static" Links to certain Topics could be a solution ( on the left or right side of the page, OR just organizing all subjects that are related as comments under one main post? What are your ideas on this? I mean as far as organizing better the blog. Maybe also a list of tags that are semi-"standard" too.

Later Jeepster. Oh, And do not worry about what you will be posting being debatable. I ca not think of anything that will be "in-appropriate" as this is basically a "Geek Fest Free-For-All".
Glad to see you posting and kicking.

Take care and be Good ! ( If you can =)