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ScribeFire Basic Documentation Configuration

ScribeFire Documentation Proper Credits First: Submitted by misterx on Tue, 04/10/2007 - 21:24. Link to original document here.
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Download ScribeFire 1.4 | ScribeFire FireFox - Fire up your Blogging
I've written up basic configuration instructions. Submitted by misterx on Tue, 04/10/2007 - 21:24. Since there is a serious lack of documentation, I've written up basic configuration instructions for the following blog types: - Livejournal - Wordpress - Blogger/Blogspot - Windows Live Spaces - Myspace Instructions can be found here which is hosted in my Google Docs. If you find errors in the document, please send corrections to . If the instructions help you, please consider buying one of my photos at Thanks. :) ===========
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My Notes & Comments

Good afternoon,

As a ScribeFire user myself I must admit I have never looked for any detailed documentation. The User Interface is pretty much self-explanatory. I have noticed many people requesting or looking for official documentation. This is about as close as you are going to find at this point in time. ( meaning the info above and link provided in this post )

That being said, If you just take a brief look around the program / add-on / plugin you will find it very very easy to setup and use without any documentation. If you still have questions a quick google will turn up an answer to your particular question. Instead of complaining about the lack of documentation how about helping with the documentation? I am sure if someone emailed the author he would be glad to give you any info he has and you may discover that he has a team of volunteers willing to help out on the documentation.

FYI: I use ( ) as you can see in the URL that lead you here.

Personally, I have found a *few* irritating bugs, but nothing that would cause me to stop using the program. The problem I have is that anytime I put in the text "->" or any ">" I get some strange code where the ">" should be. I have tried enclosing any >'s in quotes ">" and it does not help. SO the right arrow should be here in between the ()'s now ( > )

So do you see the garble above? Maybe not because I am typing in my native editor and not ScribeFire right now and up until this point. I will post this now which has been edited without using ScribeFire then I will edit the post using ScribeFire and put in more "greater than" signs and we will see what happens so I can show an example in this post of the problem I am having. I will be back and after the --'s below will be posted from ScribeFire. After the line below is using ScribeFire. This sentence and everything above in this POST was NOT ORIGINALLY edited with ScribeFire.

"Greater Than" sign next >

------- Edited this section using ScribeFire -------

Hello .. I am back and now editing this post in ScribeFire. Now I will post a few "greater than" signs right now > > > ( before this text in parentesis you should see three (3) greater than signs but I am almost positive that after I post this you will see some garbage where the "greater than" signs should be. Posting this edit using ScribeFire now to check it out.

------- End section edited with ScribeFire -------

Hello I am back again and as you can see .. not only the edited section "greater than" signs which were originally fine are now ALL showing the garbage instead of the "greater than" signs like here > > > > ( the reason the three before this text show up fine is because I am now editing the post again in the native editor. ) > > > Now all of the > signs in the entire post except for these in this section will show garbage because remember I re-published the post using ScribeFire and it turned ALL > signs into garble. Except the ones in this paragraph because I am now editing using the native blogspot editor. This is very annoying. There are a couple of other characters that show garbage whgen posted using ScribeFire , not only the > signs. I think -> show even more garble even. So this is something I will now Google on to see if I can find the answer to my problem because I would love to continue to use scribefire as it's design being readily available and tied into the browser and such is so handy. So I will not complain about documentation, I will find the answer/solution and post it back here and pass it along to the dude that is linked above since he has started a documentation project. He will then be able to add it to his ScribeFire documentation.

Later, seVen

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