Tuesday, May 8, 2007

New kids on the block

There are many places on the Internet one can find build scripts for Slackware. many are good, some are poor. Take you pick and don't moan at other peoples work that you are taking. Be thankful abd give credit where credit is due.

Now here is what bugs me regarding these new slackware build script web sites. They have clearly taken other peoples work and replaced it with their own very slightly different way of building the packages. Some of these build scripts have been available on the Internet for years and yet these new web sites claim them to be their own. It would not harm these new sites to give a nod to the web sites where they got them from or indeed to give credit to the original author. But no. Not these new web site owners. Oh no.

Good practice it is not. Sadly, in todays world of give give give it is not surprising they go round doing this sort of thing.

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seVen said...

I agree, give credit where credit is due!
Take Take take seems to be the way of the world in general especially nowadays.
Scripters and package builders that have been doing this for years are not asking much when they put the scripts out for the public. Only credit.
It seems very wrong to take works and not give any credit.
The "New kids on the block" are not thinking and have not had to take the hard road as us old timers and learn the Open Source way of doing things and frankly, just a little respect for other peoples work by giving them credit for possibly what took them days or weeks to perfect in the original script.
100% agreed on this point. And for you who do this, you know who you are. And so do we. We recognize when the work is from another author, at some point in time it is seen and known what you are doing so just give a *nod* to the original author(s) and play nice!