Saturday, May 5, 2007

Minor annoyance.

There is something that is growing in usage and is quite frankly a minor annoyance. Minor to those newish to a Linux distribution but a major annoyance to old timers. This phenomenon can be seen on various Usenet groups, many forums (fora?) and many other places around the Internet.

What is this annoyance?

The annoyance is when people call a distribution Linux 11 or Linux 8 etc etc.

There is no such distribution called Linux alone let alone one called Linux 11 or Linux any number! By using such a phrase you are showing you are the ultimate newbie!

When you ask a question, such as:

"I am using linux 12 and my wireless card does not work."

You are stating something, well two things, that make the question itself very very hard to 1) Understand and 2) to answer. Seeing as it was an answer you wanted it was pointless sending it phrased like that. So, before you post think a little before you hit send. 1) What is the actual distribution you are using? 2) what is the chipset ON the wireless card or perhaps the actual name of the card or usb dongle? Those two things determines the question can now be written as:

"I am using Slackware 11 and my D-Link DWL-G122 does not work"

And then go on to explain what you have already tried and maybe what links you have attempted to follow.

It really is not hard to understand that by saying Linux 8 you are not helping yourself nor those who may want to help you.

Please, stop saying it! It drives me and many others up the wall.

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