Friday, April 4, 2008

Why oh why?

It seems only myself posts here any more. I have no idea what is happening in the world of this blogs creator as he does not reply to my emails anymore. He is based in the U.S.A. while I reside in the U.K. so it is not as easy as popping across the road when trying to contact him. I am sure he will pop up here eventually but right now it seems I am alone in providing content.

Oh well.

So, what is this "Why oh why" all about? Well, as many Linux based applications compile and run fine on Mac OSX why don't creators of certain software create said software for the Linux platform when they create it for MAC OSX?

Now that the venerable MAC uses a BSD base system under all that pretty GUI-ness there is little to seperate the Mac platform from a Linux one. They can use Xorg on the Mac so the differences are less and less so why don't they allow their software on the Linux platform? I really do not know. They do though so email them and ask them. Every day for ever until they release their games and applications on our platform. They create MS Vista and XP ones so why not Linux based ones too?

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seVen said...

Hello world. Thanks to Jeepster for keeping content here as I have not been on the INET for sometime now. I am alive and well as I can be. =)

Again, thanks to Jeepster for keeping some interesting content on here.

I shall soonish be back in a place where I can login from time to time and post some content myself.

For now, I have 12.0 Slack installed here at home. Soonish I will upgrade my main box from 10.0 to 12.0 and install gware. (I can't deal with kde as in, "I don't like it at all!"

I will be checking my email more often once the studio is painted and setup.

An ending note to all: I just installed Linux on a "VISTA" box for dual boot and WOW it has been so long since I ran ANY windows variant I can tell you that the speed difference is UNREAL between "stock" installs between vista and slackware as I always have known, however, I got a chance now with the dual boot to see just exactly how much more stable and that there is no comparison. M$ sucks very badly.

Go slack and never go back.